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Fabbriche Riunite Sickles was born in 1921 from the union of some local blacksmiths shapers, guardians of a centuries-old tradition in the handicraft production of cutting tools for agriculture.
The geographical position of Dronero would be especially favorable to metalworking, with its wealth hydrographic and proximity to the Savoy for the supply of metals. The rich agricultural plain that lies at the foot of the Maritime Alps represented the natural outlet for manufactured goods.
Thanks to successive mergers with other local companies, in the following decades the company has assumed national and extended the marketing of products in accordance with local traditions. Experience, professionalism and commitment, in fact, have made possible the rapid growth until it becomes one of the leaders in the field of gardening tools and agricultural professional.
What distinguishes today’s production Sickles is the undisputed quality of its products, characterized by the use of selected raw materials, the ability of the highly qualified staff and ongoing research aimed at improving.
Scythes on the market today offers a very wide range of products, characterized by the excellence of its traditional cutting tools for agriculture, but also by a wide range of articles for agriculture, gardening, building and equipment for the oven and fireplace which complete the ‘ offer to respond adequately to the needs of customers.
The segmentation of the set Sickles also includes products for specific categories of users; In fact, such as trademarks and Sickles Sickles Specialist, they have turned first to a professional user for everyday use and intensive, according to the non-professional user hobbyist looking so good quality associated with affordable prices.


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